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RE: Problem with Netgear router

Your router may have some firewall features or NAT (network address translation) built into it.  My Netgear router does.  If that’s the case you need to go into the routers configuration screen (via web browser usually), and tell it which ports to allow through and what machine to send them too.


Jeff Birt
Electronics Engineer
Integrated Systems Facility
University of Missouri - Rolla


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I have installed Fedora Core 3 and I have apache webserver running which came installed with fedora.I have a DSL connection and the modem product is actiontec.I have netgear router connected to this modem and 2 more windows systems connected to this router.

I was unable to get to the website when connected to the router but without router it worked.

I have the linux server on a static ip and I openend the port 8080 for the webserver to this mac on the router settings , the netgear router uses port 80 for its web interface, but still it did not work.

Do I have to try something different, can I make it work with a router(or any other brand of router) ?


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