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Re: IDE disk problem

Brian Gaynor wrote:
On Mon, 2005-04-11 at 16:36 -0700, Rick Stevens wrote:

Personally, I NEVER TRUST THE "CS" SETTING!  It is totally unreliable.
Jumper one drive as "MA" (ideally, the one you're using now) and the
other as "SL" and you should be fine.

I have never personally seen problems with drives set to Cable Select on
a modern machine.  Many high-volume manufacturers (Dell and Compaq are
two I have personal experience with) have been shipping CS configured
machines for 6 years or more.

If the drive marked as Cable Select or "CS" is together with a drive jumpered
as Slave , then the IDE controller replaces the cable select with "Master" whereas
if the drive marked as Cable Select is together with another one marked as Master
then the Cable Select is considered as "Slave" . Special Care is needed in case
the Cable Select is alone . At that point am not certain that the Controller can replace
the Cable Select setting with "Single". I know for certain that my 160 GB Western Digital
hard disk has different jumper positions if it alone "Master w/o Slave" or Master if a slave
disk is present . By the way this very disk ( 160 GB WD ) was originally shipped to me as
Cable Select , probably because the shop didn't new my hard disk configuration and
so it had the most "compatible" position . IMO it would be preferable not to use
the Cable Select setting even when there is no ambiguity about what the drive realy is .

Kind Regards, Kostas

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