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VSFTPD : 425 Security: Bad IP connecting Error

I’m a newbie trying to setup VSFTP. It works great on my local network. But if I try to access it from the net I get this:


Connected with markteigen.com. Waiting for welcome message...

Response:       220 Welcome to THE PARTY PADS FTP service.

Command:        USER luis

Response:       331 Please specify the password.

Command:        PASS *******

Response:       230 Login successful.

Status:             Connected

Status:             Retrieving directory listing...

Command:        PWD

Response:       257 "/home/luis"

Command:        PASV

Response:       227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,1,5,254,237)

Command:        TYPE A

Response:       200 Switching to ASCII mode.

Command:        LIST

Response:       425 Security: Bad IP connecting.

Error:                Could not retrieve directory listing


Any  ideas?



Thanks ahead of time!



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