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Re: FEDORA User name & Password

On Tue, 2005-04-12 at 18:43 -0500, fly over wrote:
> Hi All,
> Can anybody please tell me how to find out User name and password of Fedora Core 3.
> Actually I'm using Fedora after long period and forgot both uname and paswd. Please tell me the way sothat i could be able to login the RedHat world.

The user name is simple, the password must be reset.

When booting, at the menu press a for append, then add " 1" to the end
of the kernel line.

It will now boot to single user mode.
Once at the prompt simply use "passwd root" to set the root password.

To identify other users do "cat /etc/passwd" and look at the tail end of
the passwd file to see what user names are used.  Normal users will have
the second field a number of 500 or higher.

Once you have identified the user names, then "passwd user" will allow
you to change their password as well.

Finally, reboot normally and log in as the regular user.

> Regards
> Fly_Over
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