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Re: Does FC3 issue halt to Athlon XP cpus when idle?

Am Mi, den 16.03.2005 schrieb Steve Bergman um 12:23:

> I know that at one time the kernel did not issue a halt instruction to 
> athlon cpus due to some sort of bug that caused some athlons not to wake 
> up again.
> Is this still true on, e.g., an Athlon XP 2100+ with the current FC3 kernel?

> Steve

Yes, it is. The halt mode is switched off by BIOS programmers to prevent
a possible lookup. On one of my affected systems I used instructions


On another I am using lvcool:
(available as RPM from Fedora.us/Fedora Extras I think)

For my current workstation dual Athlon board I build the amd76x_pm
module (Joerg Sommery posted his code on the Linux kernel mailing list)
and am using that module. It works great.

All tools will show you their activity by decreasing the CPU temperature
when not doing hard work with the PC by 10 to 15 °C.


Alexander Dalloz | Enger, Germany | GPG http://pgp.mit.edu 0xB366A773
legal statement: http://www.uni-x.org/legal.html
Fedora Core 2 GNU/Linux on Athlon with kernel 2.6.11-1.14_FC2smp 
Serendipity 03:30:32 up 1 day, 10 users, load average: 0.81, 0.74, 0.76 

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