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Hi folks:

This question is completely not related to my work at school, but is a
question from a problem that I have hit at home!!!

I know -- I am just a fountain of questions -- LOL

I am trying to install a package called GSAT -- it is a client program
for the predict Satellite orbital prediction package.  The base program
-- predict installs just fine, however when I try to run ./configure on
the GSAT program, it fails when it tries to find gtk-config.  It is
looking for it in /usr/bin/gtk-config, but it returns no such file or
directory, and then the configure fails. I have hunted all over my
system (a clean installed and fully updated FC3 box) and cant find that
library anywhere, and I have googled all over the net trying to find it,
and it don't show up anywere, except in a number of messages telling of
similar difficulties on other programs as well.  I have also tried to
install it using yum using various names that I have come across and no

If some one could point me in the right direction here it would here --
as in where can I find this thing, and how to make it work right, but
also -- I need a strategy for attacking this kind of problems in the
future.  I'm getting to the point where installing RPMs is no big deal,
and with your help, lots of other things are starting to click, but
compiles and installs seem to hold particular problems for me.  

Your time and help is as always much appreciated


Tim Holmes
IT Manager / Webmaster
Medina Christian Academy
A Higher Standard...
Jeremiah 33:3
Jeremiah 29:11
Esther 4:14

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