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Re: Missing dependency problem

Alexander Dalloz wrote:

Am Mi, den 13.04.2005 schrieb Arthur Pemberton um 2:41:

Matthew Miller wrote:

On Tue, Apr 12, 2005 at 05:18:10PM -0700, Endy wrote:

% rpm -e libtool

Libtool isn't something important?

Depends on your view of "important". It's a commonly-used tool for building
shared libraries -- but it's a developer tool, and you don't need it as an

will the rpm -e fix this issue once and for all?

Having gcc on your system you certainly want libtool too. Removing a
package just because of a temporary repository failure isn't the
recommended solution path I feel. You may erase it - even with "yum
remove libtool" - and make a paper note to reinstall it once the problem
is solved (tomorrow?).

Tommorow huh. Ironically I discovered this problem because of another problem. I came to burn a cd this morning and suddenly K3B (which i hold in such high regard) nolonger recognized my cdrw drive. My googling lead me to believe that it was likely a kernel prob, so I was attempting to update my kernel (and everything else one time)

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