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Is anyone able to poweroff with an Abit NF7?

I have an Abit NF7 and I am unable to poweroff it, be it with the
poweroff command or with the button allowing for soft-poweroff.
I am force to used the switch near the alim for hard-poweroff

When I use the poweroff command once the daemons are stopped the screens
becomes black and perhaps there is a small reduction in the noise but
the fans including the processor fans remain rotating and there is no
way to awaken the machine except by powering off with the alim switch
and powering it on again.

When I use the front button  from the case (the one allowing for a soft
poweroff) then depending on how the ACPI is configured I get an orderly
shutdown and then the same symptoms as above or the box immediately
ennters in that state without a shutdown. (ie black screen, small
reduction in noise and no way to aawken the box again be it with the
soft power button or the Reset button).

Is anyone able to do clean and complete poweroffs with an Abit NF7?  I
am wondering if it is a Linux not being able to handle thie model of
motherboard or my individual motherboard being defective
Jean Francois Martinez <jfm512 free fr>

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