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Re: Kernel patches

Konstantin 'Ksee' Dmitryev (Zelgadis) wrote:
Can anyone tell me, what patches appliet to default Fedora Core 3 kernel 2.6.9-1.667?

I know, what it is written in a .spec file of source rpm, but I haven't it and can't download it because he is big.

Maybe someone can drop me that .spec file on e-mail?

Better way:

Use the UK mirror service at http://www.mirrorservice.org/ - it provides mirrors of many large download sites and has a very useful browsing facility that lets you peek inside packages such as tarballs and RPMs. For example, if you go to:


and then click on the "peek" icon to the right of the listing for kernel-2.6.9-1.667.src.rpm, you'll see information about the RPM itself and you've have clickable links to browse the spec file or any of the patches, and more "peek" icons for delving down further into the tarballs of the main source.


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