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Re: Cyrus imapd question

--On mercredi 13 avril 2005 08:52 -0500 Aleksandar Milivojevic <amilivojevic pbl ca> wrote:

Sasa Stupar wrote:

I am running FC3 as mailserver with sendmail+cyrus-imapd and everything
works fine. Now I am going out of space on the HDD and I am thinking to
add a new one which will server for cyrus only. So how do I tell cyrus
to use that other drive instead of /var/spool/imap ?
And also is it enough just to copy this directory to a new location or
do I need to do something else like reconstruction or similar.

If you are using LVM, the simplest thing (as already suggested) would be defining additional disk as LVM physical volume. Create partition, tag it as Linux LVM (8e), import it into LVM (pvcreate), add it to existing LVM volume group, and simply grow the logical volume and then /var file system.

Another simple solution would be to mount new disk as /var/spool/imap.
Stop the IMAP server and sendmail, mount new disk as /mnt, copy all data,
and remount the disk:

    # stop imap and sendmail before doing this
    mount /dev/new_disk /mnt
    cd /var/spool/imap
    tar cf - . | (cd /mnt; tar xpf -)
    cd ..
    mv imap imap.old # backup copy, remove when not needed
    mkdir imap
    umont /mnt
    # edit /etc/fstab and add line for /var/spool/imap
    mount /var/spool/imap
    # start imap and sendmail

When you are happy that all is working, you can delete imap.old directory
to free some disk space.

You could have mounted new disk somewhere else and made a symbolic link
from /var/spool, however, if SELinux policy files are ever extended to
include separate set of rules for Cyrus-IMAPD, they will by default
expect mailstore to live in /var/spool/imap.  So you'd save yourself some
work by having things in defualt places.

Thank you all guys. I will use LVM since I have my two existing drives allready configured in LVM.


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