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Re: [FC3] Weird problems dual-booting with XP

Dan Buthusiem wrote:

I think it has something to do with the way the OSes use the outer
edge of the harddrive. It's not supposed to contain any formatting,
but OSes and some viruses use that part of the disk, anyway. If you
boot back and forth between the different OSes, they overwrite
eachother's data stored within that space and it makes the computer
hiccup during bootup. When you do a hard reboot, XP already has had
the chance to overwrite the Linux data.

I don't have a clue how to fix it. I'm still in school learning how
everything works. At least you have an explaination as to what's going
on. I've heard it could make the drive fail, but my teacher still
speaks of installing Windows 98 and FAT16 formatting. lol

This situation sounds similar to mine.

My HDD, which was working quite well prior to FC3, suddenly began reporting errors. XP wanted to scan on startup. FC3 and LVM would repeatedly tell me that i had errors on my XP partition. All attempts to repair them failed. Eventually the smartd daemon began to suggest i back up.

I replaced the Hard disk and out of curiousity used it on another system for a while where i installed FC1 only.

Worked quite well for a while.

Good luck

On Apr 9, 2005 7:55 PM, VB <vboyt yahoo com> wrote:

--- VB <vboyt yahoo com> wrote:

--- Peter Teuben <teuben astro umd edu> wrote:

On Fri, 8 Apr 2005, VB wrote:

Ever since installing FC3 on my empty partition


been having problems with hard disk consistency
restarting from Linux into Win XP. First,



restarted from Linux to XP I would get the


drive consistency dialogue. That has gone away



past few days and now my boot of Windows just

fails at

the Windows boot screen (with the progress bar).

Where I can start looking for the cause of this?


anyone had problems like this?

I don't think my story is the same as yours,


it does look
a bit alike. Mine was bad from the start, after
linux was installed,
no more windows.... Eventually i solved it, but
with a lot more
hassle than I would ever like to admit (and my
thus-far flawless
linux installs have now been tarnished.....). For


full record,


Had i not used parted, probably everything would
have been fine.

- peter

Thanks for the response.  Right, the story is not
quite like mine.

I'm thinking my problem may be because the hard
I am currently using was imaged from an image of my
old drive. That image, in turn, was created from a
hard drive that I had used Partitition Magic a
of times to resize my Windows XP partition. Perhaps
these two factors have created an odd issue. Of
course the combination presents a slew of
possibilities of what may be causing the problem.
I've accepted that, but what can I do to start

Oh BTW, I should probably clear up my initial
description.  Rebooting from Linux to XP causes XP to
freeze at the startup/boot logo BUT doing a hard reset
after this freeze and booting Windows XP does work.

Soo...what type of problem can this be??

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