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Firewall/VPN recommendations for small business?

Hi all,


I’m doing research for a new firewall purchase for a small non-profit – roughly 50 users. We need roughly 10 VPN connections. We’re currently using iptables on a Fedora box, but the new management would like something with corporate support options, so the Linux firewall will become the internal network firewall, and we’ll be implementing this new firewall as the bastion. I’m looking into Cisco PIX firewalls, Checkpoint, Juniper networks, and Sonicwall, but with the marketing mumbo-jumbo it’s hard to work out what the benefits of each are. Does anyone have any real-world experience with any of these firewalls, and if so, would you be willing to share your stories? I’d much appreciate some experienced points of view.




Nick Phillips

JESNA IT Coordinator


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