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Re: Apache webserver outage - need help with forensics

On 4/13/05, Bob Brennan <rbrennan96 gmail com> wrote:
> On 4/13/05, Kristina Clair <kclair gmail com> wrote:
> > Did you do a traceroute or any other network diagnostic to make sure
> > that you were actually able to reach the server?  It sounds like a
> > networking problem...
> >
> > Kristina
> Hi Kristina - FTP and mailserver (the only other 2 open services) were
> responding quickly and correctly throughout the outage - all running
> on the same machine.

Hmmm.  I was confused about this point:
* all access_log and error_log for all sites - showed 5 users using
the sites at the time but nothing unusual

Did you mean that 5 users were using the sites right before it became
inaccessible, or that there were people actually using the site when
you couldn't reach it?

Also, did you check all the domains that apache is configured to serve?


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