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RE: Hostname and Server Name


Does your DSL service provide a static IP?  (Mine does not.) What is
this IP?  Can you see your server from the outside world using the IP?

Jeff Birt
Electronics Engineer
Integrated Systems Facility
University of Missouri - Rolla

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Subject: Hostname and Server Name

I am trying to setup a server which should provide services as a
webserver , email server , ftp server .I have registered a domain for
myself and it is something like www.domain.com .Now when I setup Fedora
3 , and assign static ip address , is hostname something I should not
worry about can I type something I like? .What is server name ?, I typed
servername in HTTP configuration ,and when I tried to access the server
from another comp using the servername it did not work it works only
through ip address.

Am I doing something wrong here ?


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