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Re: Hostname and Server Name

Am Mi, den 13.04.2005 schrieb Janu Sundaram um 18:44:

> I am trying to setup a server which should provide services as a webserver , 
> email server , ftp server .I have registered a domain for myself and it is 
> something like www.domain.com <http://www.domain.com> .Now when I setup 
> Fedora 3 , and assign static ip address , is hostname something I should not 
> worry about can I type something I like? .What is server name ?, I typed 
> servername in HTTP configuration ,and when I tried to access the server from 
> another comp using the servername it did not work it works only through ip 
> address.

> Janu

The domain you registered is domain.tld, not www.domain.tld.
The hostname you set in Fedora is something you can choose freely. But
be aware that the DNS should know that name. The hostname in long format
- too calle FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) - is something like i.e.
fedoraserver.domain.com. The short form of the hostname (output from
"hostname -s") is then fedoraserver.
In /etc/sysconfig/network HOSTNAME= should be set to the long format.
Take care that /etc/hosts contains a valid entry for that name.
Again, name resolution from another host will only work if DNS is
populated correctly. Besides the fedoraserver.domain.com you can have
another DNS entry www.domain.com, which is often used to indicate that a
HTTP service is running. Though such a name entry isn't required.


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