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Re: dammit, let go, xmms!

On Wednesday 13 April 2005 13:00, Douglas Frank wrote:
> Thanks to a lister, I've been introduced to the wonderful (if overly
> complex and non-intuitive setup) world of xmms.
> I can now listen to music w/o that hiss I complained of a few days ago,
> which no combination of kmix and kscd would get rid of.
> Just one thing: when a CD finishes, I can't get the tray open.  Even if
> I kill xmms, the door-opener button won't function.  (It will eject via
> the kdesktop icon however.)
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> Douglas Frank    HP Co.
> ZKO              110 Spit Brook Rd.       The older I get,
> 603-884-0501     Nashua, NH USA 03062       the better I was.

I am using Xine to play my CD's and I am very pleased. I used yum to install 
xine and xine-skins.  It has no hiss plays lots-o-formats (i.e. cd, vcd, dvd, 
etc) and ejects th cd when I want every time.

I think you may need to install mplayer to get it to work properly (I could be 
wrong on this point). Here' what I did to install mplayer (thanks to others 
on the list):

First, as root run this command:
rpm --import http://freshrpms.net/packages/RPM-GPG-KEY.txt

next, as root   edit /etc/yum.repos/d/freshrpms.repo
and add the following:

# repo for Freshrpms

Then, as root run: 
yum install mplayer

I did this then I ran :
yum install xine 

and I then ran:
yum install xine-skins

Hope this helps...       

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