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Re: Fedora/RHAS Compatability

Nathaniel Hall wrote:

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We are looking at purchasing several workstations for
testing/development use but we are not completely sure what to buy.  I
would like to get your opinions or compatibility issues with the
following machines (basic specs included)

Dell Optiplex GX280
    P4 530 3GHz with HT
    1GB DDR2 Non-ECC RAM
    128MB ATI Radeon X300 (DVI and VGA adapter for Dual Monitor)
    40GB SATA 7200RPM Hard Drive
    Broadcom GbNIC

- --or--

HP Compaq dc5000
    P4 3GHz with HT
    Intel Extreme graphics2 (64MB equivalent)
    40GB PATA 100 7200RPM Hard Drive
    DVD-ROM (Linux)
    Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit NIC

My personal opinion is to get the HP, partially because it comes with
Mandrake 9.2, so I know it works with Linux.  The Dell comes with WXP.
Any opinions and/or known problems would be nice so that I have a good
base to recommend either one.
- --

Dell tend to be fairly good for support, linux-wise (or linux is very good support,dell-wise for the pedantic out there), the only thing I'd mension is Dell comes with X300 graphics card ,so if you want to do graphics stuffs on workstations, rely on Xorg radeon driver (or ati's very shoddy graphic driver, and keep fingers crossed, and legs/toes too...).



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