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Re: dammit, let go, xmms!

I have had the eject problem sometimes, too. It is related to the
"device busy" problem I described in another thread. Maybe you will
find the solution there?

xine is definitely great, and especially for playing mpg videos,
especially because of it's support for recordings made with various
and sundry codecs. I liked xmms best for playing music, because of the
reliable support for the standard music format, mp3, and the
playlists; xine has playlists, but does not support randon play. Since
getting kde-redhat, however, I have switched over to amaroK. It has a
lot of functionality and is much more convenient for editing the id3
tages, and it looks super.

Also, like xmms, xine & mplayer, amaroK responds to the remote control
with irkick/lirc... just like a real stereo system.

If you switch to amaroK, make sure to save your collection database
(~/.kde/amarok), because any editing of file names, artists, genres,
etc is stored there.

On 4/13/05, kevin kempter dataintellect com
<kevin kempter dataintellect com> wrote:
> On Wednesday 13 April 2005 13:00, Douglas Frank wrote:
> > Thanks to a lister, I've been introduced to the wonderful (if overly
> > complex and non-intuitive setup) world of xmms.
> >
> > I can now listen to music w/o that hiss I complained of a few days ago,
> > which no combination of kmix and kscd would get rid of.
> >
> > Just one thing: when a CD finishes, I can't get the tray open.  Even if
> > I kill xmms, the door-opener button won't function.  (It will eject via
> > the kdesktop icon however.)
> >
> > --
> > Douglas Frank    HP Co.
> > ZKO              110 Spit Brook Rd.       The older I get,
> > 603-884-0501     Nashua, NH USA 03062       the better I was.
> I am using Xine to play my CD's and I am very pleased. I used yum to install
> xine and xine-skins.  It has no hiss plays lots-o-formats (i.e. cd, vcd, dvd,
> etc) and ejects th cd when I want every time.
> I think you may need to install mplayer to get it to work properly (I could be
> wrong on this point). Here' what I did to install mplayer (thanks to others
> on the list):
> First, as root run this command:
> rpm --import http://freshrpms.net/packages/RPM-GPG-KEY.txt
> next, as root   edit /etc/yum.repos/d/freshrpms.repo
> and add the following:
> # repo for Freshrpms
> [freshrpms]
> name=FreshRPMs
> mirrorlist=http://ayo.freshrpms.net/fedora/linux/$releasever/mirrors-freshrpms
> enabled=0
> gpgcheck=1
> Then, as root run:
> yum install mplayer
> I did this then I ran :
> yum install xine
> and I then ran:
> yum install xine-skins
> Hope this helps...
> --
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