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autoloading sg driver during boot

Probably something trivial, but can't seem to find solution (other than placing "modprobe sg" in /etc/rc.local).

I attempted something like this in modprobe.conf:

alias char-major-21 sg

(and also char-major-21-* variant)

The problem is, there are no /dev/sg* entries in /dev when machine boots. They are created by udev when "sg" driver loads. Chicken and egg problem. Kind of. So the above lien in modprobe.conf does not really work.

So.... the question is, is there any way to instruct udev to create /dev/sg* nodes (so that applications can access it and trigger auto loading of sg driver)? Or instruct system to autoload sg module during boot if there are any SCSI devices, which would trigger udev to create /dev/sg* nodes? Other than placing "modprobe sg" in /etc/rc.local.

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