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Re: autoloading sg driver during boot

Aaron M. Hirsch wrote:
Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:

Probably something trivial, but can't seem to find solution (other
than placing "modprobe sg" in /etc/rc.local).

I attempted something like this in modprobe.conf:

alias char-major-21 sg

Have you checked to see what modules are loaded before you modprobe sg and after you modprobe sg?

To get sg loading, which needs the scsi_mod loaded, I have "alias
scsi_hostadapter aic7xxx", as I have an adaptec card, in my
/etc/modules.conf.  After that was in there it found and created the
proper devices in /dev upon reboot.

I also have Adaptec card (actually, it's integrated on the motherboard in my case). Anaconda already placed appropriate line for aic7xxx in my modprobe.conf during installation (as well as several other lines for some other stuff).

Doing lsmod before and after the sg driver is loaded (on freshly rebooted system) shows that loading of sg doesn't trigger any other driver (all other drivers were already loaded on system boot, including aic7xxx and scsi_mod).

The only SCSI device connected is tape libarary (two SCSI devices, one for robotics, the other for tape drive). The devices for tape drive are all created (st*, nst*, tape*), however device for robotics is not (that is why I need sg driver). Since sg isn't loaded at boot, /dev/sg* are not created by udev, and I can't access the robot until I manully do "modprobe sg".

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