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Re: FC4-test2 iso' fail mediacheck

On Tue, 12 Apr 2005, Mick Mearns wrote:

> Hello list;
>  I just downloaded and burned all 4 cd's and the recue CD.
> I burned them using K3B (which does an md5 test for each iso)
> They burned fine.
> When I booted CD #1 and did 'linux mediacheck' it fails for every CD.
> I know this has happened on previous releases, so are the disks ok?
> I read that the FC4-t2 DVD iso was known to fail ...

One of my computers fails every disk on mediacheck. Another one passes 
them all OK.

So there are two main variables here:
	1. Funky hardware that doesn't work with the mediacheck design
	2. Badly burned discs

The cause is #1 if burning at low speeds on good media still doesn't pass
mediacheck, but doing mediacheck in another computer passes the same disc.  
In that case, it's a matter of working with the kernel and anaconda teams
to track down the problem - filing a bug in bugzilla against anaconda is
the appropriate action.

-- Elliot

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