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FC2 boot/login problem (continued)

I turned off the rhgb option and can now see all of the
services starting up, without any problems.  I then briefly
see a text login prompt (which apparently isn't functional),
followed by a dark screen with hourglass, when normally I'd
get the graphical login screen.  My only option at this
point is to turn off the computer.



On 4/13/05, Paul Murtaugh <murtaugh stat oregonstate edu> wrote:
> It would get to the 'Welcome to Fedora' screen, and
> then go blank with the hourglass -- as you usually see
> before the various services get started.  But it would go
> no further; every so often the screen would refresh, but
> the blank screen with hourglass would re-appear, ad
> infinitum.  It doesn't get to the screen with the progress
> bar and 'Show details' option, so I have no idea how to
> begin debugging this problem.
Turn off the rhgb kernel option.
Ben Steeves                     _   

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