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Re: Setting up double boot with Fedora

""If you have specific problems it is best you give specific information
about your non common hardware. Or if grub does behave different to what
I said above, feel free to ask again by providing details"


I guess you did not see my first post. I follwed the instructions but GRUB asks for deault OS. I selected Fedora but the bootloader never showed up when I started my system. It went right into Fedora and never gave me the option to select Windows. Not sure why or howw to aoid that problem when I reinstall.

As far as technical details, well, it's a tow year old sony VAIO with 2.4 G Pentium IV processor, 120G HD, 512K of RAM and the Fedora version is the ISO disks I copied from the Fedora site about a week ago. The checksums were ok.

any suggestions?


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