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Re: FC4-test2 iso' fail mediacheck

Mick Mearns wrote:
--- William Hooper <whooperhsd3 earthlink net> wrote:

Mick Mearns said:

Hello list;
I just downloaded and burned all 4 cd's and the recue CD.

Then you will be wanting to join the Fedora-Test-List.


William Hooper

Thank you William; from the list: Gerry Tool answered : "you should do 'sha1sum *.iso' instead of 'md5sum *.iso'".

Which worked - all the iso files matched the SHA1 file.
However this does not answer why anaconda barfs on all the cd's.


How much system memory do you have? I had a problem on one computer that stopped the installation of rpms after only installing less than 5 rpms in either GUI or text install. Adding additional system memory let the installer complete. (was 256 MB, now with an additional 512 MB,for test 1, I'm setting out for discs for test 2) - :-)


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