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Re: Setting up double boot with Fedora

Am Do, den 14.04.2005 schrieb John Botscharow um 4:33:

> ""If you have specific problems it is best you give specific information
> about your non common hardware. Or if grub does behave different to what
> I said above, feel free to ask again by providing details"
> alexander,
> I guess you did not see my first post. I follwed the instructions but GRUB asks for deault OS. I selected
> Fedora but the bootloader never showed up when I started my system. It went right into Fedora and
> never gave me the option to select Windows. Not sure why or howw to aoid that problem when I reinstall.
> As far as technical details, well, it's a tow year old sony VAIO with 2.4 G Pentium IV processor, 120G HD,
> 512K of RAM and the Fedora version is the ISO disks I copied from the Fedora site about a week ago.
> The checksums were ok. 
> any suggestions?

Please don't send HTML formatted mails to this list. Thanks.

Any chance you have "hiddenmenu" in the /etc/grub.conf? Then comment it
with a leading #. Else please post your grub.conf file.


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