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Re: grub update

John Botscharow wrote:
"I think your problem is that you have a boot partition, but that
> partition is not getting mounted"
I mounted it at the beginning of the hard disk [MBR]. Should I have mounted it elsewhere? BTW I do not presently have Fedora installed. But I want to reinstall it as soon as I get this issue resolved..

If you are using LVM, the boot partition has to be on a regular partition.

Regarding overwriting the content that might be in /boot on the LVM (or a regular partition), it will not be visible when a partition is mounted at this directory. I sometimes make a file in directories that are used for mountpoints with 'touch "Disk is not Mounted" and the file only shows when no device is mounted. (Got the idea from a book or online from another user, anyway, the content should be invisible when a device is mounted there.)

The MBR is an area of the disk that is not a partition. The Master Boot Record portion of the disk is pretty small and is not mountable. The exact makeup of the MBR portion of the disk is not known by me, but this is what I got that the MBR is.

Good luck with getting Fedora installed.


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