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Re: FC4-test2 iso' fail mediacheck

> fedora-test-list archives has discussions regarding the media check 
> issue. Maybe bad cables, need newer flash update for your CDROM, etc.
> Jim

Hi Jim;
  I dont think my hardware is bad.

I ran the 'sha1sum *.iso' on the .iso files.
Then 'sha1sum /dev/cdrom' on the CD's.

I got the same numbers as the SHA1SUM file said I should.

I guess 'sha1' replaces 'md5'.

I dont know what anaconda uses, but it fails. (presume md5)

I will try to install these CD's today on my test box, and will post
the results.

90c4ed0c121f0df5ca2c8303ea08e1af8d5fc460  FC4-test2-i386-disc1.iso
affeb3e5e6de67451c10b7874ecbab673e83d467  FC4-test2-i386-disc2.iso
07ef6fec843bf4d16121f3ea5c8a8617fe533ce4  FC4-test2-i386-disc3.iso
884c0a3e6d44f1ac1dfa5d498dc829a9b7e8e7ff  FC4-test2-i386-disc4.iso
c7173ddfd202bdca584321bef71b7dab216c0c0b  FC4-test2-i386-rescuecd.iso


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