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Re: FC3 Mail Server Spam Assassin

On Thu, 2005-04-14 at 18:58 +0200, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Am Do, den 14.04.2005 schrieb Bob Chiodini um 18:39:
> > And it works well, but what if I want to externally filter the email
> > (through mimedefang/spam assassin, etc.)?  What must I do to the
> > Evolution settings such that the externally filtered email still ends up
> > in the junk folder?
> > 
> > Bob...
> Bob,
> if you implement spam classification by using SpamAssassin server side I
> suggest you too setup the filtering server side. Let Sieve do this job
> :) So independent from mail client usage you will find the spam rated
> mails in  folders like "probably spam" or "certainly spam" if you
> instruct Sieve to sort those mails dependent on their spam value.
> Alexander


Great idea.  For some reason I usually forget that sieve is successfully
doing what it should.  Maybe that's why:-)


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