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Re: Best book for Fedora (Linux) for beginner

Marc M wrote:

The Red Hat Linux Bible (whatever version) by Christopher Negus. However it does take mutliple books as you grow and learn and get curious about things.


On 4/14/05, *Neal Wilkinson* <forums lists comcast net <mailto:forums lists comcast net>> wrote:

    To understand how it works and be fairly fluent in it. If you
    could buy
    just one. Which one would it be? I know it will take time and all that
    and most likely more than one book but if you could just get one
    where I am) which would it be? Thanks.


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A search on Amazon reveals. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/search-handle-form/002-3663920-6631246

Would I want the first one or the second one or a totally different one?

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