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Re: Best book for Fedora (Linux) for beginner

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Neal Wilkinson wrote:
| To understand how it works and be fairly fluent in it. If you could buy
| just one. Which one would it be? I know it will take time and all that
| and most likely more than one book but if you could just get one (thats
| where I am) which would it be? Thanks.

To be honest with you, I used to go the book route, but do not do so any
longer.  Its just not prudent.  In the Windows world, there is much more
of a stair step system of upgrades: Windows 2000; Windows XP; Windows XP
~ SP2; etc.  Linux changes much more fluid and faster.  No matter how
quickly something gets published, it is out of date before its ink is
dry.  Heck, many books are out of date before it is ever approved for

I would suggest finding Linux Newbie sights on the Internet, and running
a scrap server.  Spend the time you would be reading, and follow a
"Howto" at The Linux Documentation Project (www.tldp.org).  If you are
not afraid to screw up the computer, as you wont on a play/scrap
machine, you can really get in there and figure out all the pieces.

I have gotten more screwed up by these general purpose books, than they
have ever helped me.  Specific books, such as on DNS or LDAP, are a
different story.  But I have not found a general purpose book I would
ever consider as teaching outdated, and therefore bad, practices.

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