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Re: S3 savage now supported by x.org?

Douglas Frank wrote:
Hi all,

3-4 months ago I was unable to move my laptop RH9->FC3 because of the
changeover from xfree86 to x.org; the new X didn't support my "old"
video chipset.  Today I re-visited the x.org site and followed links to
http://wiki.x.org/wiki/savage which, encouragingly, no longer says "no".
But the man page link on that page is a 404.  Does anyone know any
details?  Has some angel somewhere ported the old S3 Graphics drivers to
the new X?  Is anyone out there running core 3 on a S3
savage/prosavage/twister?  (and is X working? :-)


Douglas Frank    HP Co.
ZKO              110 Spit Brook Rd.       The older I get,
603-884-0501     Nashua, NH USA 03062       the better I was.

i've been running S3 ProSavageDDR K4M266 without any problem on fc3. FC4(T1+T2) do some small problems when init 5 and shutdown, but works flawlessy.


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