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web surfing supremely slow on Fedora 3

Ok so my newly set up Fedora 3 laptop (IBM Thinkpad
G40) is having some internet connectivity issues that
it didnt' have with redhat 9 or windows 2000 advanced
server.  And none of the other computers on my network
are having this issue, so I'm left to believe it's
something about my laptop.  

The problem is about 50% of the time i get [insert url
here] cannot be found! error box.  And ping just sits
there spinning unless I'm pinging my local network -
in which case it's a bit faster but not much.  

Anyone else seen this problem?

(I was running gnome.  thought i'd try fvwm in hopes
of speeding things up but it didn't help).

I'm not even really sure where to start looking so if
someone could tell me what informaiton would be
helpful that would be a good start.


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