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Re: bochs vs. vmware

David Hoffman wrote:
On 4/14/05, kwhiskers <kwhiskers gmail com> wrote:

The software I paid dearly for, vmware 4.5, is already ending it's
lifespan and, no doubt, will not be long before it doesn't work with
linux anymore.

Huh? Just because VMWare 5 got released 3 days ago does not mean that
support for version 4.5 is going away any time soon. I'm not sure that
you have a whole lot to be worried about for a while.

If you want to upgrade to version 5, it's only $99.00 to do an upgrade
purchase, and in my opinion, this is WELL worth the price, considering
all the improvements that they have made.

The beta version of version 5 worked a lot better than 4.5 did when testing the beta on FC3 as host. I tried the windows host version and there was no real difference in the look or functionality between either host version.
There seems to be improvements significant to make upgrading worthwhile. Too bad that it is not free. 99 dollars for an upgrade? This might be in-line with market.


"If anything can go wrong, it will."
-- Edsel Murphy

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