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Re: Installing FC 3 on a FC 4 only supported machine

Remco Poelstra wrote:


I've bought a new server with an Adaptec RAID controller. Although FC 3
does load the correct driver (aacraid), it doesn't work (HD's aren't
detected). With FC 4 the same driver is loaded and the installer works
Since I don't want to install a test release on a server and I don't
like to wait until June, I was wondering whether it's possible to update
the FC 3 install kernel to the FC 4 kernel, or to get the FC 4 aacraid
driver to work with the stock FC 3 kernel.

Any help would be appreciated,

Remco Poelstra

P.S. I sent this message without being subscribed... I couldn't find it in the archives, so I suppose it was blocked. I'm sorry if you receive it twice.

Here you are: http://fedoranews.org/contributors/gene_czarcinski/update_distro/

that's the best i can do

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