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Re: Update Service

David Hoffman wrote:

On 4/14/05, Scott Becker <scottb bxwa com> wrote:

Does anybody offer an update server for Fedora so that for a fee I can
get high performance updates?

What is wrong with the current update process using Yum that you need better performance? Or do you just WANT to pay money?

Tell you what. I'll download all the updates and put them in a special
repository that only you can connect to, and you can pay me. :)

As far as I can tell from logging into my RHN account they don't offer a channel for fedora. No mention on fedora.redhat.com either.

Yes I'm referring to higher data rates. I'm getting slow (9kb/s) or fast for 30 seconds and then slow forever.

Is yum the default? I'm trying out fedora on a desktop machine and did an 'everything' install. Then without configuring anything I ran 'up2date -uf'. The result on each attempt to download all the packages is all over the map. And it's been all day and it's still not done. (it does resume nicely on retry after a failure though).

If yum is not the default, how do I set it up? If I'm already using yum and 9kb/s is typical then I long for the days or old rhn where I can pay $60/year to get an update service which can feed updates at 100kb/s.


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