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Re: Update Service

On Thu, 2005-04-14 at 16:13 -0700, Scott Becker wrote:
> Does anybody offer an update server for Fedora so that for a fee I can 
> get high performance updates?
>     scottb

Not sure what you mean by "High Performance" but I do offer updates on


Currently only for x86 - but for fc4 I will be adding at least PPC and
quite possibly x86_64 (assuming I can get x86_64 hardware to test - I
don't peddle what I can't personally at least basically test)

I don't offer any kind of a subscription service because I don't want to
mess with it for only a few customers on dialup (a lot of people get the
updates when they get core, but once up2date - unless you are on dialup,
a weekly yum update is painless)

If by high performance you mean optimized for a particular CPU, I'm not
convinced such optimizations really do anything performance wise. Except
maybe some of the kernel patches - but they usually aren't in the Fedora
kernel for a reason (either haven't been tested thoroughly, or are known
to have certain issues in certain areas, etc.)

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