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Re: Sendmail- Is this correct.?

Paul Howarth wrote:

On Mon, 2005-04-11 at 22:21 -0700, Craig White wrote:

Thus - any of these solutions are poor at best and the only logical
thing to do is to have your own domain OR don't run your own mail server
and simply set all your mail clients to use someone else's smtp server.

If your machine is a personal one that nobody else uses, one extra option you could use would be to have a genericstable entry from every account on your system (particularly for your user account and root) that rewrote user localhost localdomain to your regular email address. So all outgoing mail from every account on the system would appear to have been sent by you. It's a hack and definitely not as good as having your own domain, but at least you'd be able to send mail.


Hi All,

thanx guys. I was just playing with this at work. President here is a little backwards at times. Doesn't wanna pay for a domain..Couldn't be bothered pushing him for it. Anyway, cheers.

Mark Sargent.

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