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problem unplugging usb devices after recent kernel upgrade

Did anyone else have any problems when unplugging usb devices after
the recent kernel upgrade?

I filed a bug in Bugzilla but wondered if anyone else had a similar
occurrence. The details are as follows:
I am using Fedora FC3 with the new 2.6.11 kernel just installed after
yum updates on 11th April. Desktop is KDE.

The event sequence is that I had earlier mounted a usb disk ( in
/media) and done some copying (backups).

Then the usb disk had been umounted, and then once the umount had
completed, and the file system on the disc checked as not being
visible to an ls -l command, the usb plug was pulled out. At this
point everything seemed normal.

I then checked (as root in a terminal window) that /media no longer
contained the disk, and then did "exit" from the root session to try
to return to the user in the terminal window - at that point the
system froze (i.e. on hitting the return key)

The screen and mouse froze and I could not get to an alternate console
using the ctrl-alt keys. The only option was to re-boot. (This has now
happened a third time today (one previous occurrence was a different
machine but running the same setup), and I did Alt-SysRq-s to sync
discs followed by Alt-SysRq-b to re-boot)

There were no obvious lines in /var/log/messages to point to a reason
for the behaviour.

Anyone else had something similar or able to point to where the
problem might lie?

mike cohler

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