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Re: how to configure modem

Am Fr, den 15.04.2005 schrieb Claude Jones um 8:59:

> I've got a USR modem, and it works fine, but it makes a terrible racket. 
> Whether from Kermit or my preferred program which is ProComm running in a dos 
> emulator, I can't seem to control much at all, especially the modem volume. I 
> can't find much on the net, except tons of instructions for configuring KPPP 
> which doesn't help much. KPPP doesn't do vt220 terminal emulation, so it's 
> not going to help. Is there some other way of setting modem behavior? 

> Claude Jones

You could use minicom to "speak" with you modem to set some internal
registers. I am sure you can mute the speaker with some AT commands
(they are  modem specific and to be found in the manual).


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