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Re: Using apt dist-upgrade

> Hi Chris,
> Other than the obvious choice of a repository in the same country you live
> in, what is a bad choice of repositories??

For a start, take a look at


Under the section "Truths and lies about mixing repositories"

As this explains the DAG+compatible repositories (FreshRPMS, Dries, NewRPMS 
and PlanetCCRMA) are not really compatible with the  fedora.us or livna.org 
ones. If you try and mix them you are likely to get incompatibilities between 
packages. If you stick with just one set,  such the DAG+others (I use these 
and recommend them) they put some effort into making sure they work together 

To be complete, I also use this one


to keep KDE up to date, since its my favoured desktop and fedora isn't great 
at keeping up to date in this area. I used this to ugrade from 3.3.x to 3.4 
seamlessly a week or so ago.

cheers Chris

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