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Re: System locks up with SMP kernel, but not regular kernel... smp used to work fine.

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David Hoffman wrote:

|I have been using smp kernels since I first installed FC3, and have
|had no problems until now. But after this last upgrade, my system
|starts up fine and gets to the Gnome login screen. I enter my user
|name and password, and it starts to log me in... and then totally
|locks up the whole system.
|If I boot the NON-smp kernel, it works fine. I do have a P4 with
|HyperThreading, and so the smp kernel loads as the system sees two
|My log files don't seem to show anything out of the ordinary... all
|the services start up, gnome starts, and after the username and
|password are entered, I see gconfd loading it's configuration. The
|next thing I see is the machine starting up after I do a full reset.
|No error messages.
|I don't recall seeing anything in the past few days that are specific
|to smp kernels not booting when non-smp kernels work fine.
|So if anyone knows of a bug report or previous thread about this,
|please point me in that direction.
You may want to check the release notes for the kernel.  I know they
have been working on the HyperThreading thing for some time.  I'm not
keeping track; but, I believe there may be an issue with using the SMP
kernel with a P4.
I usually think SMP works better with multiple CPUs.  HyperThreading
is really a trick more than multiple CPUs.

Next, check your video card drivers....  If you are using nVidia, ATI
they usually need new drivers with each kernel update!


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