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RE: up2date service not working?

i had the same exact problem, but i found a solution. try using yum to update your distro. it works like a charm everytime and will solve all dependencies. type this in the shell to update an rpm:

yum update <rpm-name->


yum update all

for more info on yum, just use the help by typing yum --help.

hope that answers your question.

Kurt Budiarto

From: "Chris Gramer" <cgramer fastmail fm>
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Subject: up2date service not working?

This may have been answered already.  If so, apologies for a duplicate
question.  Feel free to direct me to a Bugzilla URL or something.  But
about three weeks ago, after having used FC3 for a good month or so,
up2date stopped working in that it gets stuck at the "resolving package
dependencies" stage.  It just keeps working and working and working.
Previously, it had worked wonderfully, updating my system whenever there
were updates to be had without a hitch.  Did something change with the
servers where up2date gets its files from?  I'd really like to get my
system up to date.


  Chris Gramer
  cgramer fastmail fm

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