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Re: Network Problems

Am Sa, den 16.04.2005 schrieb TE Dukes um 15:34:

> > > Local machines on the internal network cannot connect.  Strange thing is they can ping internal and
> > > external IP addresses.  Samba services are working.
> > 
> > Indicates the LAN clients don't have valid DNS settings. Check and
> > correct them. Either a local DNS or your ISP's DNS server IPs are
> > required.

> I assign static internal IPs to the local machines.  Server is
> and the others, and with the Gateway as
> For the DNS servers, I use my ISPs servers, and
> for all machines.

You said you can ping IP addresses in the net and get back a pong on the
LAN client hosts, correct? But if you ping a host by name in the
internet that fails? On the client then test DNS:

dig google.com +trace

Btw. does not resolve my requests (only when using dig
with +trace). That can be the problem.

> ifconfig reports:
[ snipped ]
> Anything here that's incorrect?

Looks ok.

If above is not leading to success. Does connections to named internet
hosts from the gateway host itself work properly? Then check your


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