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Re: FC3 Wireless "Profiles"

On Fri, 15 Apr 2005, Chris Stark wrote:

Hi again,

I installed NetworkManager and the service is set to run at boot, and I also
have the NetworkManagerInfo applet running in my KDE system tray. So far,
I've only been at home since posting my initial query. But what I've run into
even dealing with only a single wireless network is that upon rebooting, the
NetworkManagerInfo applet just sits there "scanning".

Unless I actively click on the systray icon and enter a new ESSID and WEP
info, it just pertutually sits there with its animated radar sweep. Also, It
doesn't seem to matter if I use a hidden or broadcast ESSID from my WAP. It
won't "auto-connect" because it seems to have forgotten the settings I
entered previously.

(1) You don't need to keep reentering the WEP key. It will be remembered after the first entry. Just leave the "connect with encryption enabled" box unchecked.

(2) I have the problem of having to reenter the ESSID if the WAP keeps it hidden. For WAPs that broadcast their ESSIDs, I don't seem to have a problem. I believe this is a known issue and should be fixed for the FC4 release of NetworkManager.

At this point, I still have to manually enter my wireless network settings everytime I reboot because it seems that NetworkManager isn't saving its settings. Is there a config file somewhere that's not being written to? Is this the way this application is supposed to work? Is there some file somewhere where I can enter all my wireless settings manually?

NetworkManager settings live in


I think you'll find that everything is there. The problem is with matching the WAPs ESSID with the stored one.

I'm assuming that NetworkManager is supposed to bring a little more convenience than what I'm encountering right now. Does anyone have any tips how I can troubleshoot this further?

Check Bugzilla? Contact the developers? Try FC4 when it comes out, or FC4t2 in the meantime if you are brave. You could try the devel version, but you'll have to upgrade a bunch of other stuff that I would consider risky.


-- Matthew Saltzman

Clemson University Math Sciences
mjs AT clemson DOT edu

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