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Re: System locks up with SMP kernel, but not regular kernel... smp used to work fine.

David Hoffman wrote:
On 4/15/05, David Hoffman <dhoffman2004 gmail com> wrote:

You may want to check the release notes for the kernel.  I know they
have been working on the HyperThreading thing for some time.  I'm not
keeping track; but, I believe there may be an issue with using the SMP
kernel with a P4.
I usually think SMP works better with multiple CPUs.  HyperThreading
is really a trick more than multiple CPUs.

I did see something in the notes about changes to ACPI, but I can't
seem to find anything specific that indicates anything that addresses
issues with HyperThreaded P4s. Anyone have a link to notes that
discuss this?

I suggest that you file a bug report with redhat bugzilla. Someone should take a closer look at this, especially if it is kernel related. Which it may not be but one must find out. It could be udev related for example.

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