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Wireless sources?

Are there any wireless PC Cards (for laptops), preferably 54g cards that have Linux drivers? Everything I find refers to using Windows drivers with ndiswrapper or similar. I already have a Linksys WPC54g card I can't get working, so...

I bought a Linksys WPC11 card because it has native Linux drivers for it. (I really want a 54g card, but at least the WPC11 card has Linux drivers from Linksys)

HOWEVER, when I got the darn thing home and opened it, there was an explanation saying "The WPC11 Ver 4 card is a high performance wireless card and therefore would not work with Windows NT..." (and other stuff).

(Well, I had to laugh at the wording.. but that's another story)

Unfortunately the WPC11 Ver 4 does *not* have Linux drivers like the WPC11 ver 3 card.

The good news is there was an addendum packaged with the card that explained the ver4 card could be exchanged for a ver3 card and all would be well.

The phone number they gave was for "customer service"... but they knew NOTHING about being able to exchange the card and after many phone calls and many e-mails, I finally just returned the card to the store and got my money back. (I'd have exchanged it at the store, but the store only had ver 4 cards)


I'm really not up to installing the ndiswrapper stuff, and from I can tell that requires kernel source updates... I don't want to patch the kernel every time there's an update. Fedora has a very short release cycle, I don't want to be doing that sort of thing every few months. More frequently actually, because the kernel gets periodic updates between Fedora releases too.

Also, I don't want to support the ndiswrapper concept... if I wanted to run Windows software, that's what I'd run.... and as long as the manufactures of these cards know their Windows drivers can be used on Linux, why should they release Linux drivers?

I encourage ndiswrapper users to contact the customer support people for their wireless cards card and ask about Linux drivers.... MAYBE if enough people ask, they'll do it.


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