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Re: connecting multiple linux boxes..

bruce wrote:


i've got a few fedora linux boxes and i'd like to know how i can go about
connecting them so i can use the gnone/gui to drag/drop files from one box
to the other. i don't have nfs installed. i can ssh from the command line to
each other.

Probably the easiest is ftp. If you go to System Settings --> Server Settings --> Services you can edit the services you want to start. Check "vsftpd" box and make sure you hit save. Then, with vsftpd still highlighted, click the start button. This starts the ftp server and then you should be good to go. I use KDE/konqueror and I can type "ftp://<user>@" in the address bar and it takes me right to that computer and prompts for the password. Not sure how gnome/nautilus handle ftp, but i'm pretty sure it is very similar. If not, give kde a shot. You might like it better :P. Good luck.


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