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garbled text with mutt running under screen

Hi there,

Having some garbled text problems when running mutt under screen.  This is on
a remote FC3 server that lives in a colo facility.  When I use right-arrow
or left-arrow to scroll through a list of messages, the mutt status line gets
overwritten, some text lines don't get updated, etc.  The problem is especially
bad when viewing my spam/junkmail folder where there are lots of messages with
subject lines in unicode/utf-8, etc.

Hitting ^L to redraw the screen does clear up the problem (mostly).
There are still a few out-of-place characters even after ^L when viewing
my spam folder.

Here's a screen shot after switching into my spam folder and scrolling down
several pages:


I ssh into this machine from my Mac OS X 10.3 laptop, using the standard 
Terminal.app.  However, I don't believe this a problem with my local 
OS or terminal emulator.  I get the same results using PuTTY on Windows as
the client.

When I ssh in, Terminal.app has TERM=xterm-color by default.  I've tried
setting it to just xterm, vt100, linux, etc, all with the same results.

If I run mutt by itself, without starting screen first, it seems to be 
mostly okay.  Still a few rendering problems in my spam folder.

I see there's a bugzilla bug #139294 open for a similar problem, with mutt
running under gnome-terminal.  Maybe related?

Any ideas here?


Jim Meehan
Oakland, CA

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