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Help Getting Root's email to recipient

I watched the recent thread regarding the root's email settings, hoping to get from it the answer for my problem. And perhaps it was there but I missed it. So forgive me if this was indeed covered.

I'm trying to configure my system so that messages sent to the root account are forwarded on to me. I am running logcheck and want all warnings to be emailed to me. I have edited the line following #Person who should get root's mail in /etc/aliases to read root: me-user myemailaddress com (example to state the obvious). I have then run newaliases. Here's my trouble, or lack of understanding. I am not getting any of the roots messages. I do not have a mailserver running on this box. Sendmail is stopped. How should I/or should I need to configure an email account in thunderbird or the like? How do I forward the roots mail to me-user myemailaddress com? I'm missing something obvious, but this greenhorn could use your help.

Thanks for your contributions!


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