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Re: Help Getting Root's email to recipient

tonydm wrote:

I watched the recent thread regarding the root's email settings, hoping to get from it the answer for my problem. And perhaps it was there but I missed it. So forgive me if this was indeed covered.

I'm trying to configure my system so that messages sent to the root account are forwarded on to me. I am running logcheck and want all warnings to be emailed to me. I have edited the line following #Person who should get root's mail in /etc/aliases to read root: me-user myemailaddress com (example to state the obvious). I have then run newaliases. Here's my trouble, or lack of understanding. I am not getting any of the roots messages. I do not have a mailserver running on this box. Sendmail is stopped. How should I/or should I need to configure an email account in thunderbird or the like? How do I forward the roots mail to me-user myemailaddress com? I'm missing something obvious, but this greenhorn could use your help.

Thanks for your contributions!


you need to have sendmail running for the emails of your machine can be forwarded to you. if you dont have sendmail running, it will not work...
what you have done in aliases its ok. check /etc/mail/access and see if you have the following lines:
localhost.localdomain RELAY
localhost RELAY RELAY

if you dont have, just added and restart the mail services (sendmail).


Bruno Santos

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